Amsterdam And Canada With Bruno Passos

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Amsterdam And Canada With Bruno Passos

About Bruno

Bruno Passos is one of those few who pursue passion over strict norms of following a basic education plan and living life 9 to 5.

He hails from Recife in Brazil. At the age of 19 he realised he had to do more than just study architecture. He wanted to explore more, experience the newness of every place and learn more, so he moved.

A long halt in UK for about 10 years gave him the opportunity to complete his Graphic Design degree and meet his beautiful wife. Two cute little kids, a lots of travelling plans, and an ever ready packed camera gear are his love.

 Travelling has become part of his family and exploring cities and nature, capturing innumerable moments has given them a crazy beautiful past to look at. Its amazing to see his work and coming across his images made us share them further with our audience.

We had a chance to talk to him and here are some excerpts from our conversation.

What inspired you to start photography?
Photography has always been a part of my life. My grandad used to photograph portraits for a living and I was always around his equipment fiddling around (and sometimes doing things I shouldn't :)). As a child, I always had a camera in hand. Later in my life, after moving to the UK and doing voluntary work with disabled kids, I applied to be a photographer at a studio focusing on family portraits. That was an awesome time of my life as I spend a lot of time shooting at a studio, learning about lighting, going deeper into my knowledge of camera settings and how to work with people to get the best out of them.
How do you plan for your travels?
I am a husband and a proud dad of two beautiful children and because of that I try to incorporate my photography with family travels. As a family, we have lived in 4 different countries, which also helps in getting to know places well and photographing the best of them. We currently live in Amsterdam (my favourite city) and thats what I am focusing on. There is so much to photograph in Amsterdam! I also have some side projects around the city, which I am excited to share with you all soon.
What is on your wish list?
Aside from camera gear (one can never have too much of it - which includes camera bags ;) ), I am always wishing to travel more and get a chance to photograph the world. I would love to give back to the travel community some beautiful and realistic images (and videos) of the world.

Living life to the fullest, enriching it with experiences worldwide, exploring the planet and staying unstoppable is their motto. We will probably get back to Bruno for some tips on travelling with kids. More on that soon sometime. Enjoy going through a few pictures we have curated from him.

Bruno Passos at his creative best

 His gear includes Nikon D850, Tamaron 15-30mm 2.8, Tamaron 70-200mm 2.8, Nikon D5300, Nikon 18-140mm 5.6, Nikon 50mm 1.8, DJI Phantom4Polarpro ND Filters

 An afternoon in Amsterdam

Blackforest bags Amsterdam with Bruno Passos

Blackforest bags Amsterdam with Bruno Passos 2

Blackforest bags Amsterdam with Bruno Passos 3

Blackforest bags Amsterdam with Bruno Passos

Blackforest bags Amsterdam with Bruno Passos

Toronto Sundowner

Blackforest camera bags Toronto with Bruno Pasos 

Toronto with Bruno Passos and blackforest Camera bags

Toronto with Bruno Passos and blackforest camera bags


Toronto with Bruno Passos and blackforest camera bags

Toronto with Bruno Passos and blackforest camera bags

Riviera the beauty

Riviera by Bruno Passos blackforest camera bags

Riviera by Bruno Passos and blackforest camera bags

Pictures of Bruno as we know him at his simplest daily best

Bruno Passos and his blackforest camera bag, best camera bags

Bruno Passos and Ziggy, the beautiful puppy

That's Bruno and Ziggy!

Please visit his website to view more of his work.

So what are you waiting for? Just pack up and go. Inspire us and we’ll be keen to share your work at Blackforest Designs.

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