Artisans behind RIMO I

July 03, 2016 0 Comments

Artisans behind RIMO I

Incredible yet true, every handcrafted piece of Blackforest bags is an expression of fine individuality. Our artisans who dwell for days to finish one bag have been in the same trade for generations. Their set of skills are passed on from more than decades but such art is becoming obsolete by the day because of lack of recognition to these people and unfavourable government policies . This art has yet sustained itself because of constant demands in the market.

Made in India means being a part of the luxurious craftsmanship and a beautiful culture which combined with a vision for futuristic design and ideology reaps a uniqueness in every product that is made.

And now with modernization and engineering applied at manufacturing units and the vision of our honourable Prime Minister and his Make in India team, an opportunity of jobs and promotion of economic development of all sections of society has emerged which is boosting this sector specifically. There is a sense of pride and confidence amongst people who are a part of such ventures.

RIMO I is applauded and backed by many as it has surpassed conventional design mandates and created its own identity. Functionality based effectively usable design which compliments people’s lifestyles without being flamboyant, or boring, while adding a touch of effortless style to the modern day photographer in you who cares to carry their gear well.