Best Travel Tips

August 05, 2017 0 Comments

Best Travel Tips

Make travelling a priority in life, it only makes you richer.

 DO YOUR PLANNING RIGHT : Do your research beforehand but do not follow it uninterrupted, you need to follow your heart and give in to the newness and surprises at every nook. Did you miss your flight or a bus? Hakuna matata! There is always another one.


 TRAVEL LIGHT : Pack light, wear wash repeat your comfies and best dresses. You can definitely carry more beach wear, it anyway hardly takes any space.

A DAY BAG TO CARRY ESSENTIALS : you’ll need till the end of the day , including camera because less baggage is the key to enjoy more walking or commuting around. This problem is solved with our collection on sassy camera bags which look uber stylish and can carry all you need for a day out.

 Rise up early and try to see the best as mornings are always the most beautiful serene times , be it a city or wilderness. There is something so dreamy and promising about a new day, a new sunrise. It can get you charged up for the long day ahead yet to unfold.

 WORKOUT EVERYDAY : You may or not may not be a gym addict but do strike a pose or two of yoga to kick start the day, the stretches can really power pack you. Travelling can really make us skip out work outs , eat an drink too much but watch and do give your bodies the much needed respite…exercise.

DONT'T MISS OUT ON THE LOCAL FOOD : from your favourite croissant corner when in France or enjoy the seasonal Greek yoghurt wherever in the world.

ALWAYS KEEP HIDDEN STASH : and safe just incase you lose your wallet or any cards stop working. My favourite spots are inside socks, lingerie kits, toiletry bag or a pocket totally hidden and undiscoverable by someone else inside my day bag.

LITTLE THINGS THAT MATTER :  I don’t even need to mention it but sunscreen,( I know some of you might be rolling eyes at me for this) a cool pair of shades, ear plugs to muffle out sounds of crying babies, loud music or constantly honking traffic, a scarf, a basic medical kit are the tiny essentials, must be always handy.

KEEP A BACKUP OF YOUR TRAVELLING DOCUMENTS :  including passports, driver’s license, any insurance card. If you travel with your laptop, do have a back up of all your stuff safe in a hard drive somewhere at home and online.

JUST GO SHOOT : Now this is a conflicting advise since a lot of people suggest leave your cameras aside and focus on the present rather than just consuming yourself trying to get the best shots. Photographs are the ultimate souvenirs and believe it or not, that’s what you will care for the most once you are done with your trip. Balance it out though, you’ve done all the travelling to reach where you are, enjoy it. Don’t stay just behind your lens.

MEET THE LOCALS: DO head out and enjoy the local bars, mingle with the people and try the local cuisine. Thrifty experiences must be allowed once in a while.

FOR THE ADVENTURE JUNKIE :  try and hike around to view the scenery from a peak up , or reach the top of a cliff for some crazy waterfall. You will miss out the best bits unless you leave that couch and head out.

 This planet gets me so curious and I am loving the way I am travelling and have no plans to stop doing it anytime soon. Of course there has to be some means of sustainable business to fuel such ventures and that’s why I love creating bags for passionate travellers and photographers.

DO IT NOW or it will never happen. Unfortunately some of us who always keep planning and waiting, never make it happen. Just do it…( That’s Nike’s quote , I know but seriously it jumpstarts things) We love Nike sportswear too.

 Explore more, prioritize and just look around, this life is pretty amazing.