Review by eazelly,Blackforest bags RIMO I

September 14, 2016

Review by eazelly,Blackforest bags RIMO I

Blackforest Designs – where style meets need. A modish, trendy store that evolved out of sheer passion for photography and lack of a fashionable bag needed to carry an SLR camera. The husband-wife duo that founded the private label, cater to a niche market of film and still-shooting enthusiasts who finally found the key to transporting paraphernalia around voguishly.

RIMO their first collection of camera messenger bags features an unparalleled integration of signature components with minimalist design. Inspired by the lack of an organized bag to hold photography gear, its understated exteriors emanate elegance, whereas the structured interiors provide a systematic solution for a camera, lenses, multiple accessories and more.

In store at only Rs. 12,990/- this versatile travel companion is a steal!