Camera Bags Made In India by Blackforest. Homegrown It Is!

August 21, 2018 0 Comments

Camera Bags Made In India by Blackforest. Homegrown It Is!

Come Independence Day and we start feeling prouder about our country obviously because reflecting upon the past of the nation, the struggles the country has gone through and yet emerged as a hero every time are reasons ample enough. India has grown manifold in every aspect and every field and we are grateful to be a part of this great nation.

Opportunities and hard work combined has led us a long way to develop our very own brand which has set amazing standards worldwide in design, craftsmanship and finish of our camera bags. This is something made by the very talented craftsmen who have been working for generations in the same trade. Our testing facility has done a lot of trials in terms of long term use and load tests to give our very best to our customers.

Almost two years down the line, we are covered at Homegrown for staying close to our roots and creating something on our own soil. We are proud to be "Made In India" and we will continue striving to achieve bigger goals in our field. 

We have been well reviewed by Steve Huff, Chris Gampat at The Phoblographer, Eric Rossi, Alex ventura at FStoppers, Brittany Smith at SLR Lounge to name a few. Recently when we got covered in the very popular Indian online publication, Homegrown, we could feel that recognition comes for good work and perseverance.

Here is a link to the study done by Homegrown for Blackforest Bags.