Coffee, Camera and an Addiction to Explore More

February 17, 2018 0 Comments

Coffee, Camera and an Addiction to Explore More

 PRELUDE: It’s a wonderful feeling to share something worthwhile, something inspirational, a reason to begin thinking fresh and rekindle a desire to do what you love the most.

 ABOUT ALEX:Icelandic horse with Alex Feal Latte wanderer

Alex Feal Latte Wanderer

Hoping for a library in the middle of the forest!

A glimpse of Alex’s life will definitely inspire you to travel more, create more memories, enjoy life to the fullest and balance your priorities and passions well.

He hails from Spain and is an international history student at the University of Edinburgh. Obsessed with two things, caffeine and travel with his trusty camera and notebook in hand, he started his website to share his experiences & pursue his wanderlust while keeping his blood-caffeine topped up. Thousands of pictures of friends, old and new and plenty of stories to go with them. Who wouldn’t want to live like that?

 HOW WE CONNECTED: So Alex bought the Vinson, camera messenger bag from us and we connected on his Instagram account later to only discover a beautiful website where he maintains his travel documentary. Reading a couple of blogs and seeing his images shows how simple and mundane views of our daily life can look so beautiful when seen through his lens.

Writing back to him, we figured that coffee, camera, and a bad case of restless feet (as he describes it) keeps him on the go. He never intends to stop discovering. His website  is a reflection of a simple happy life and there is a lot to learn and grasp from there. 

Sunsets are always pretty with a hint of purple.

Moments like these.

A little bit of dust, a golden sunset and a pretty medieval town to make every step feel like an adventure.

Red Cappuccino; coffee made out of tea, looks very pretty.

Artisan Roast

Being like a child when its Peggy Porschen's cakes.

Edinburgh can be aesthetically pleasing when its raining. Perfect weather for blanket and coffee.

The city.

The oldest purpose-built student union building in the world, Teviot is now 'that building that looks like a castle'... Oh and it has 6 bars in it.

Sunset goals on the shore of Lake Garda this winter.

HIS INSPIRATION: His father has a keen interest in photography so he was always used to being around someone with a camera. Thus as he moved to USA for studies and was travelling much more, purchasing his beloved Fujifim camera was a great investment.

Instagram with accounts like @uk.portraits which share incredible portraits every day and other daily travel accounts not only make him want to pick up his camera and take great pictures, but also to see where he can travel to at a moment's whim. There are also websites like Viewbug that have daily and monthly photography competitions that show great examples of other peoples' work in a variety of settings. There is always room for improvement and try new ideas and be creative. 

 HIS FEEDBACK ABOUT HIS CAMERA BAG:Blackforest camera messenger bag

Blackforest camera messenger bag


He carries the Vinson camera messenger bag made with waxed cotton canvas & leather and it fits all of his expectations and more! Its a fantastic product. He travels a lot in cities and finds the backpack-style bags a hassle. They may carry more, but they are inconvenient to get things in and out in a hurry and are anything but aesthetically pleasing most of the time, so when he saw these bags that were both stylish and practical he had to give it a go and it was worth it. It just feels sturdy and well made with lots of padding for the camera/ lenses as well.

It fits everything he needs for a general day of tourism/ photography while looking aesthetically pleasing enough to be a general part of any outfit.

 So are you are ready to roll yet. Sounds like a great plan!

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