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Just sit back and relax with a great view of the city!

We are looking at Lisbon with Paulo and Sofia of Viagensasolta from the Tagus river. The Yellow Boat tours connect Terreiro do Paço and Belém, showing some of the main monuments of the city.

You can take the boat either in Belém or in the Commerce Square and hop on and off as many times as you like for 24 hours.

If you are visting Baixa de Lisboa, you can take the boat to Belém and visit the monumental areas like the Car Museum, the Jeronimos Monastery, the CCB, the Monument to the Discoveries, the Tower of Belém and the MAAT. After a break of refreshments in Bethlehem, the boat takes you back to Terreiro do Paço.

You can also start the tour at the Belem River Station, which is what they did. Sometimes just a little wind in the air and a view like this can be all you need.

A different perspective of the city from the river side makes it appear clearer from a distance. A boat ride relaxes you and there is no traffic to spoil the peace.

From Belém, the Yellow Boat took them to Baixa de Lisboa along the bank, where they had the opportunity to see the Museum of Electricity and MAAT until they passed under the 25 de Abril Bridge - an impressive vision. Then came the Cais do Sodré and they reached the beautiful Commerce Square with the Castle of São Jorge at the top of the hill. On the way back, the Yellow Boat diverted the course to Cacilhas on the south bank and passed closer to Cristo Rei. Before returning to the Belém River Station, they sailed to the Monument to the Discoveries and the Torre de Belém.

It's really great to be a tourist - even for a day and in our own city!

You may visit to view schedules of boat departures and the ticket prices. They vary season to season.

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