Top Five Photography Destinations in India

August 30, 2016 0 Comments

Top Five Photography Destinations in India

India, its indeed a photogenic country and has a lot to offer to any keen photographer worldwide. The beauty of the clear contrast from north to south and east to west, the land of festivals, the perfect blend of various cultures leaves anybody mesmerised. No wonder India is never missed out when anyone mentions the top photography places in the world. Come, bring your camera and enjoy our very own country. We travelled some of these places carrying our cameras in the perfect Blackforest camera messenger bag, and it turned out memorable every time.


With the beautiful Pangong lake, serene mountains and clear skies, it has a sensational landscape. The freshest air and misty windows. The peace is soul touching. The wrinkled faces of the Lama Buddhists and the young cheery faces of children just seem so content and happy. It gives you a moment to behold for a lifetime. It definitely is a photographer’s paradise.




The royalty of palaces and forts, vibrance of colors, richness of culture, the sunsets over the sand dunes, Rajasthan is one of a kind experience and offers myriad photography opportunities to any avid traveller. No wonder this the favourite destination for any tourist.




Its spiritual and vintage charm gives you some unique photographs. Experiencing the Hindu culture could never be better than being in this city set at the shores of River Ganga. It gained much limelight with the Beatles visiting it in the late 60’s. Its renowned for studying meditation and yoga and will give innumerous views of yogis and the beautiful river, the chants in the evening and whole atmosphere is an experience which stays in your heart chiming deep till the soul.





The snail paced train running through the busy bazaars, small tea cafes, tea gardens, and ardently followed rock music culture distinguish Darjeeling from the other places.




It is your best getaway for capturing the most vivid visual contrast all the way from the grand colonial architecture, art galleries , cultural festivals to the daily nitty gritties of the flower market by the Howrah Bridge, Kumartoli, the hand_drawn rickshaw pullers.