India Turns 70 today! 70 incredible sights of India you cannot miss!

August 15, 2017 0 Comments

India Turns 70 today! 70 incredible sights of India you cannot miss!

Happy 70th Independence Day to India! Proudly sharing 70 incredible, indelible sights of our country today. For anyone planning a trip to India must be ready for a myriad of colours, sounds, sights and a beautiful history. A few jolts and jerks should totally be acceptable along the way.

Shy Glances

Shattered glass. Hopeful eyes.

 Do you want to make a tattoo?

Generations in a window frame.


The evening beyond sunlight

Oh cloud!

Rise and Shine

Another hero in his collection.


Pop culture

The favourite space


Love Story

With arms wide open


Journeys of a lifetime

Tea time company

Colour palette

The mighty mountain


The Prized possession

Life and lines


Sunday morning

We, the people.

Say what?

Jolly good fellas

Summertime sadness

Two is gang 

The Dawn of the Buddha

Drone perspective

Black hole

Dream girl


Lost in transition

Casterly Rock

Indian ecstacy

Just goofing around

The Fire Seller

Beauty and the Beast


Nothing and Everything

Finding what you love and letting it kill you slowly

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are you eating?

A beautiful addition to the library

I am nothing without you


 Finding human

There is just so much more to look at from Ankit Mavchi's work which will give you a nudge to visit the Incredible India. Come see what you can find through your lens.

The artist himself