Leaving our tiny imprints in Germany

April 26, 2017 0 Comments

Leaving our tiny imprints in Germany

We are excited to hear the first hands on review by an anonymous customer after giving the Rimo I a good long trial. 

We have translated this German article to English for convenience of our audience. Its directly rooted at

Following are the words of Joerg Langer "The Blackforest RIMO I - a really chic shoulder bag!"

A dear anonymous user wrote me a few days ago a very detailed nice mail about his Blackforest RIMO I Schultertasche and also attached some pictures. Today I would like to show you this article here at He writes in his mail:

For your great Taschenfreak-Seite, I have a short report and a few pictures of my new bag. If you want to publish this, I do not want to be mentioned by name and the pictures should be published anonymously.

 I just bought a RIMO I at Blackforest and would like to report about it shortly. I have noticed the bag because it was presented and recommended by a photographer in his blog. It is very similar to the dimensions and nature of the ONA Brixton. It is manufactured in India and can be ordered directly from Blackforest. I directly wrote to the support and paid by PayPal. On Wednesday I placed an order and the following Monday the bag was delivered. They offer free shipping.

 The bag is made of vegetable tanned leather and is lined with high quality cotton fabric. To the outsides, the contents of the main compartment are still protected by a layer of firm foam between leather and lining. The notebook compartment is protected by a thick foam insert.

 The main compartment can be closed with a zipper.

The zippers and brass fittings are very high quality.

At the bottom are 4 brass feet. At the back is a durable leather handle attached and underneath is a compartment for magazines or a tablet computer, which is provided with a magnetic closure. In case of large magazines, the closure can no longer be closed.

 For small parts, the front is a staufach that can be closed with a zipper. In it there are small subdivisions for 2 pens, 2 memory cards and 2 larger compartments, which are lined with leather.

The main compartment has the dimensions of B 36cm x H 25cm x D 11 cm and is supplied with 3 dividers, which can be adapted with Velcro closure. A MacBook Air 13 "just fits into the notebook compartment. A thicker book I would not like to plug in there because the zipper will hinder at removal. My MacBook 12 "I could easily accommodate.

 The belt is fastened to the bag by a ring buckle with a thrust ring and has a shoulder pad with a rubberized fabric surface as support. The length is also sufficient for large-scale owners.

 The quality of the leather and the error-free processing I feel is high-quality. The brass fittings are not sharp at any point. Let's see how the bag proves itself in practice. And here are some photos.

 Best regards

A user who does not want to be named by name

Following is the reply sent by Joerg, "Thank you - a really very chic bag you have chosen!"

 If you also have a really chic bag or one that we have not listed here on Taschenfreak, but you do not want to be found by Google and Co, please write to me in your mail, I anonymize very gladly like in this post here.

 Best wishes - Jörg Langer