Looking for a new camera bag!

November 28, 2017 0 Comments

Looking for a new camera bag!

This is genuinely a big dilemma when it comes to finding the right camera bag for yourself or a gift for someone you know well, someone who loves carrying their camera at all family and friends get togethers, someone who is passionate about photography or someone who is just a die hard professional photographer.

We all do our research and there isn't news in this particular field. The same old companies doing the same old designs with a little bit tweaking, same old features and just similar stuff which we are so bored with. 

Some of us just care about functionality and the looks of the bag are not a big concern and there is some very good brands which are in this category. These are Thule, Peak Design, Kata, Langly, Billingham, Lowepro and the list goes on.

When we pay for a little bit style and great materials in a camera bag like leather or Nylon, the prices just hike up and there is a lot to shell out to own a bag from brands like Wotankraft ,Ona or Hawkesmill. We love their designs too.

However there are a lot of photographers who would love to own something very stylish and functional yet affordable. Thats the sole reason for our journey at Blackforest Designs. Our camera bags are amazingly refreshing to look at, crafted out of genuine leather by a handful of artisans at our production house. Our cotton canvas bags are made using water repellant waxed fabric which actually does not absorb moisture at all even in the most humid places. This treatment of the cotton canvas makes it sturdier and more durable. These bags are just what your camera needs. 


Did you just check out the pictures. Need we say more!