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As much as the travel enthusiasts we are, we enjoy sharing intricate details of beautiful journeys undertaken by photographers and locals who can help us understand best how to plan an ideal itinerary so we don’t miss out on the must try experiences.

Today we are sharing details of a lovely weekend trip to Monsaraz by Paulo and his beautiful wife Sofia of They are winners of the Momondo Bloggers' Open World Awards 2017

 Paulo is a photographer by heart. His main subjects are landscape and travel photography. He typically carries Sony A7 camera body, Sony FE55/1.8 lens, Sony FE16-35/F4 lens, Sony A70-300 and/or Sony 26-70 lens.  Plus additional batteries, lens cloth, and sometimes a polarizer filter. They all fit inside his new camera bag, the Vinson by Blackforest Bags.

Sofia loves to travel not just to collect stamps in the passport but to grow as a person, in knowledge and experiences. She is probably more at home in the midst of forests, mountains or small remote villages.


An estate of 780 hectares with vineyards, cork oaks and centenary olive trees scattered on a mountain, we are in Sao Lourenço do Barrocal, in Alentejo, where you can see Monsaraz, one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal.

  Today this place is an "unpretentious luxury hotel", ideal for those who want to escape the confusion of the city, rest and enjoy the small pleasures of life.

 In Barrocal, luxury is synonymous with simplicity and good taste, both in exterior and interior spaces. We feel that we are in the countryside, in a place not only with history and tradition, but also with the comfort of modern life. In our room, all the furnishings are pine, with contemporary and minimalist lines, but there are blankets inside old suitcases, reminding us of the past.

It offers surprisingly huge suites, with private terraces where you can sit to relax, enjoy the fresh air, listen to the crickets and see the stars. A beautiful dip pool located in the orange grove is a much needed respite. A typical afternoon will include refreshments of homemade cake and iced tea.

Find all details for Sao Lourenco Do Barrocal here. As studied over, this boutique hotel is exceptionally well rated.

The smell of the organic soap, the dried flowers in the fields, treading the floor with bare feet, jumping from stone to stone on the way to the pool, the tourist happy to ride a bicycle, lavender lilac, the laughter of feet when walking barefoot among the vineyards, the parties you can give to the horses, savoring the food and the juices for breakfast, napping on barren grass under the trees with the baby next to the family picnic on the lawn by the pool – you can capture all these in your most loved memories.

Perched high over the surrounding countryside, Monsaraz is a charming village with a looming castle at its edge, great views over the Alqueva Dam and olive groves sprinkling the landscape. Its narrow streets are lined with uneven-walled, whitewashed cottages. Today, the village prospers on tourism, with a handful of restaurants, guesthouses and artisan shops. It’s worth coming to taste a slice of traditional Portugal, wander the slumbering streets and sample Alentejan cuisine. It’s at its best as it wakes up in the morning, in the quiet of the evening or during a wintry dusk.

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