My Fave Camera Bag under $180. Check it out...Steve Huff

July 06, 2017 0 Comments

My Fave Camera Bag under $180. Check it out...Steve Huff

My Fave Camera bag under $180 (Fashion & Function). The Blackforest Bags' Vinson

Hey everyone! Happy hump day!


Today I take a look at a camera bag I have been using for the last two months. The VINSON. For under $180 you get a nice, well made, leather bag and it works beautifully just as much as any more expensive bag would work out.

But shelling out so much bucks where you do get a more popular brand's bag with the same quality is naturally not so easy for everyone. You need value for money.


However we all have our opinions and choices and what matters to one may not be so important for the other. Its all a matter of perspective but Blackforest bags giving out so much quality, design, functionality and services at such price points is hard to beat.

We are proud to present our new design, the Vinson which has already won much accolades, at just USD 179$.

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Our motto will always be providing quality goods at the lowest possible prices. Manufacturing them at factories which follow all labour and commercial laws, paying fair prices to the artisans, selecting the best fabrics and leather to compile each one of our bags and delivering them to your doorsteps doesn't have to make you pay any crazy markups in the value.

We are just so happy with the response and its a boost for us to keep going and creating better every time.