Puja Kedia : She simply loves making photographs!

July 27, 2016

Puja Kedia : She simply loves making photographs!


Photographer. Creative. Traveller.

Puja is well known name in the field of photography for a long time . We requested her to shoot our bags for our website and she not only did the job but also came on board of our advisors once she saw the potential features and the unmatched style quotient our bag offers. She is constantly using this camera messenger bag on most of her shoots and swears by its quality and uniqueness. Having used all kinds of bags and equipment over all these years, she had a very clear and seasoned idea as to what she really needs.

She did a wonderful job and is a happy ambassador for our brand!


Here are some excerpts from our conversation with Puja.

Q: What inspired you to take up the profession of photography?

A: I have always been an introvert person and you have a different perception towards life. I always had a keen interest in photography so at the start it was just a hobby to me but   soon I realized this is what I want to pursue and one thing led to another and here I am living my dream :) 


Q: You are a very versatile photographer but what is your favorite arena ?

A: I have had been lucky enough to get a formal education in photography and to work on so many different aspects of it. Somehow all the different genres are interconnected! But Fashion remains my absolute favorite. As an artist it gives me a huge window to be creative. There are no boundaries when it comes to fashion. I can be experimental and this makes me grow as an artist.


Q: How did you come to know about Blackforest bags and how is your experience with the product?

A: Rashi and I met at a common friend's party and that's how I got to know about Blackforest bags! 

Eventually one thing led to the other, and she approached us to make some photographs of the bags, (which you see on the website) not only this we also had a good discussion regarding the design and features of the bag and we feel like a part of this super awesome team.


Q: What is your to go gear when you head out for any shoot?

 A: My to go gear is definitely my Canon 5D Markii and 35 and 85mm lens, but I am happy to have just the right bag which is spacious enough for all the gear and my Macbook pro which is big plus.


Q: What is the hardest thing about being a photographer and what keeps you going everyday?

 A: Behind the rosy picture and beautiful photographs, there's tons of work that goes in. From having too much in my plate to chasing deadline I am either working, travelling or brainstorming! There are a million minute details to be looked into before the shoot and this is not even the start of the work ! But when the pictures come out the way I imagined, I realize all the hassle is totally worth it and this keeps me going!