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Tasmania, a heart-shaped island located south of Australia has a raw compelling beauty. Easy to imagine how it has gone down as a place of romantic inspiration – with its heady mix of mountain ranges, dense rainforests, wild rivers and glacial peaks and not to forget the serene peaceful one on one time you may get as honeymooners or if you are going for a much required alone time with your partner.

On the beaches, you will find scattered shells and not one human in sight. It seems the place came to existence the very moment you arrive. Its so surreal.

Tasmania also boasts to have the freshest air and the lowest levels of pollution worldwide and I totally believed it once I saw the place myself.


On an island where nature is at its best, it’s capital city, Hobart’s waterfront and Georgian buildings, is much more than just beautiful.

That's the road we took driving from Hobart to Swansea. The wooden cabins to live in just on the beach give you an authentic feel of living amidst nature.

We had arrived Swansea post sunset so there was nothing much to look around and the night was a bit scary with the roof creaking of wood because of probably a daredevil or two scouting for food.


The next morning when we woke up and stepped out, we were right on the beach. The white smooth sand under my feet, the blue mountains along the horizon and the calm sea bringing soothing gusts of wind is something I can never forget.

A man starting his day with fishing.

 Salamanca Markets and Sullivan’s Cove

Situated in Salamanca Place Hobart, the markets remain one of the most popular tourist venues attracting more than 25,000 visitors every Saturday. A celebration of Tasmanian art and culture, the markets offer a wide variety of fresh local produce, delicious hot food, live music and innovative arts and crafts.

 The Wineglass Bay Sail Walk

Its an unforgettable trail that summits Bear Hill. Winds along Wineglass Bay, treat you with mesmerising golden beaches and a chance for you to photograph wallabies in their natural habitat. They are so friendly and tend to come really close. They love being patted and played with. I love animals and had we not included Tasmania in our itinerary, I wouldn't have been able to see wallabies, kualas from up so close. Meeting a porcupine was just a sudden absolutely unexpected encounter.

 East Coast Nature World

It covers 150 acres of natural parkland and lagoons. It’s the best bet to experience Tasmania's unique animals, birds, reptiles.The huge park allows you to wander around at your own leisure.

When you first walk out into the park, you will most likely be greeted by a very friendly group of Forester kangaroos, including joeys in their mother’s pouch.


The Museum of Old and New Art, is located within the Moorilla Winery on the Berriedale Peninsula, Hobart. Opened in 2011, this privately funded venue houses a fascinating collection of modern and contemporary art, antiquities and public art and hosts annual festivals MOFO and Dark MOFO.

 Bruny Island

 Just a 20 minute ferry ride from Kettering, Bruny Island is both a wildlife and gourmet treat consisting of two parts separated by an isthmus called the neck. The island's most famous wildlife is the Bennett's White Wallaby, but there is a darker side to these beautiful animals.


They have been known to feast on opium poppies grown in Tasmania. Aside from some very happy wallabies the island is also blessed with a wide array of bird and sea life.

This picture was taken on our return journey from Swansea to Hobart. We stopped for a break and as we looked up, there was a herd of sheep grazing in the sun on a cold morning. All we could hear was the wind blowing and the sweet tinkling of the sheep bells. All these pictures actually make me relive the complete trip all over again.

Tasmania is a must visit place if you love nature and there is a lot to look around even if you are on the roll, private wine cellars, horse farms, some local food joints and hardly any people in sight. Its just beautiful. Truly a break from all humankind!