Quest for a perfect camera bag by DL Byron

July 18, 2017 0 Comments

Quest for a perfect camera bag by DL Byron

We recently interacted with DL Byron, who runs Digital Photo Pro, Sony Mirrorless Pro and DP Magazine and as per him there never really is just one bag which does all for you. As a professional photographer or and enthusiast, all you can do is weigh your needs against the best possible available products and see what really matches your requirements and lifestyle.

In my never-ending quest for the perfect bag, I’ve finally found there really isn’t one, but instead, what I call occasion bags, like the fully functional, exceptionally well-thought-out Thule Covert I travel with or my FREITAG to just grab and go, and, there’s the full-day-of-shooting-style Think Tank suitcase. Now, I have a Blackforest Rimo I for a client meeting, a dinner party or whenever I want to dress up a bit.

 The people behind the Rimo are exceptional, too, with a thank you card in the package and an emphasis on natural materials and handmade-quality in their marketing. Because the Rimo is luxurious doesn’t mean it won’t go to work with you. It sure will, and it has a feature list obviously created by a fellow photographer.

Just look at the details in the stitching and hardware.


Rimo I Features

  • Side and bottom closed-cell foam padding for extra protection
  • Padded anti-skid adjustable shoulder strap
  • Triple stitched at the joints for added durability
  • Front zipped pocket, with microSD card slots and accessories
  • Front open pocket and streamlined back pocket for travel items
  • Side pockets for quick access

Rimo I Details

  • Full-grain vegetable tanned leather
  • Premium cotton twill interlining
  • YKK zips and brass fittings
  • Outside specs: 14”L x 10.5”H x 5.5”D
  • Inside specs: 13.5”L x 10”H x 5”D
  • Weight: 1.7 kgs

What The Rimo I Holds

  • DSLR camera body
  • 2-3 lenses
  • 3-inch laptop
  • Accessories

A body, a handful of lenses and a 13-inch laptop, plus accessories, will fit inside the Rimo I. The easy-to-get-to front pockets are a nice touch, too. What I noticed immediately was the placement of the top handle like a suitcase. It’s offset for better balance, with the buckles taking up the weight. When a handle is on top of a bag, the bag can sag from the weight.


Another fine detail is a magnet inside the back pocket button that pulls it closed. That’s a very nice touch.

At $199, the price is nearly $100 less than the also stylish Signature line from Think Tank, and the bag is made with real, vegetable-tanned leather and shipped worldwide for free. Brass feet on the bottom protect it, but expect a bag like this to develop a patina and look better with age. Inside, the three padded compartments are removable so you can configure it how you like, and I have plenty of padding from other bags if I wanted to do so.

While I chose the all-leather version, Blackforest also offers a waxed canvas version, the Vinson, and in a variety of colors, including, sand tan.

Tonight I’m at a dinner with a vendor, and the dress code is a sports coat and slacks. This is the perfect bag for the occasion and the camera I’ll take snaps with while there.

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