The smooth street photographer : Ankit Mavchi

October 11, 2016 0 Comments

The smooth street photographer : Ankit Mavchi

Far more than compelling, these images from Ankit’s street photography bring out moments of silent raw natural beauty amidst the cacophony of life. Presented with a bit notched up contrast, they form a peculiar attractive sight.

They are enticing in pure sense and this artist has a knack to capture daily events of life around us, which generally anyone fails to even notice. Looking at his work does give you a fresh jolt from your mundane day and just admire the innocence of its very essence.

The point of focus is blurr. The point of black and white photography is paying attention to lines, shapes, shadows and contrasts which add the whole drama to the scene. Enjoy some of his work here in our very blog.


Ankit loves wandering the streets with our easy to handle Brown RIMO I camera messenger bag and it fits his life perfectly well .

He loves his bag because it is compact in size to accommodate his kit as a street photographer. The unpretentious design allows him to blend really well among the crowd and stay discreet while working. The quick access to his camera doesn’t let him miss any moments he would like his lens to behold. The style, design and materials used to create the bag add an edge and cult presence while he is among other photographers.

“These bags are meant to stand out,” says the happy photographer.