With Ajit Deb : Portraits, Landscapes and Astroscapes

May 15, 2023 0 Comments

With Ajit Deb : Portraits, Landscapes and Astroscapes

It's simply amazing to observe a keen eye, creativity and hard work any  photographer puts in to manifest their vision on a screen for millions to see. Such is the work of Ajit Deb who works from his base in London and leaves us enthralled.

A candid purchase from our camera bags' online store by Ajit led us to interact further with him. It's been a couple of years to him buying and using The All Leather Vinson, camera messenger bag from our prized collection. Resonating with similar feelings or thoughts is a beautiful experience. We could feel that he understood the craftsmanship and design sense of this camera bag very well and shared his feedback .

We are grateful for all the appreciation and being a part of his travels and work.

Ajit found us through a review done by Steve Huff for one of our camera bags and that we are always indebted to him for.

Check out a few images below from Ajit and how he carries his camera bag for his

gear for everyday photography.

mountain sky Ajit Deb photography


Ajit Deb Photography

tall rising building, architecture photography

Ajit Deb Photography


Blackforest Camera Bag


camera messenger bag


camera messenger bag Blackforest bags


Ajit Deb with Blackforest camera messenger bag