Blackforest specializes in new age camera bags and accessories made for those who demand more in style, function and ultimate protection for their gear. Each product is handcrafted using rich and highly resourceful materials. Founded in India, we are dedicated to making products that will last the test of time.

  • DesignDesign
    Our design is minimalist and understated complementing any lifestyle—from the outdoor enthusiast to the city dweller. We believe less is more and simplicity yields utmost sophistication. We are always striving to create brilliantly designed bags with prime focus on functionality.
  • MaterialMaterial
    Our bags are an unparalleled integration of signature elements, the very best materials that help sustain various high-stress work and play environments. We work with the finest suppliers for genuine leather and waxed cotton canvas in this industry and we source all our materials with utmost care and attention. 
  • CraftsmanshipCraftsmanship
    Entirely handmade in India, all our products reflect the incredibly skilled labor of each artisan whose particular skill has been there for generations. Produced in limited batches, every product is thoroughly checked for quality control and exclusivity. In a nutshell, our products are engineered and built to perform.

Without a doubt, we are all nomadic by nature. Each of us are offered a journey, but how we persist is what sets us apart. The Blackforest story started with a passion to create uniquely designed and functional camera bags and accessories. We believe the professionals and enthusiasts deserve to carry their gear that reflects their style and passion. Since then we’ve been pushing the boundaries to create more reliable products designed to go with you anywhere. 

We explored new materials, made several prototypes and field tested for months before we launched our first bag. This is precisely our goal with each new piece and we pursue it ardently. We will continue to craft better ways to carry that help you move effortlessly between your worlds. We hope that our products will make photography a better experience and bring joy to many others around the world.”

Founder, Rashi Chaudhary